Core Business Development Manager, City Infotainment Service

Woven Planet

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Woven Planet Group (Woven Planet) represents a carefully curated blend of expertise and resources dedicated to bringing the vision of “Mobility to Love, Safety to Live” to life. Through innovations and investments in automated driving, robotics, smart cities, and more, we are transforming how humankind lives, works, and moves. We exist to design, build, and deliver secure, connected, and sustainable mobility solutions that benefit all people worldwide. Founded in 2018 as Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development (TRI-AD), Woven Planet is composed of four complementary companies: Woven Planet Holdings, Woven Core, Woven Alpha, and Woven Capital.

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In January 2020, Toyota revealed plans to build Woven City, a prototype “City of the Future,” on a 175-acre site in the foothills of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Envisioned as a “human-centered,” “ever-evolving” “living laboratory,” the Woven City will be built from the ground up with sustainable and efficient infrastructure. It will serve as a real-world environment where full-time residents and researchers will be able to be hands-on every day to test and develop promising technologies such as autonomous vehicles, robotics, personal mobility, smart homes, and advanced Artificial Intelligence.

The Infotainment(*)  field is one of the key components of our services in the Woven City. Our mission is to create a world-class service that allows people to communicate as if they were meeting each other physically, even though they live far away. Our goal is not only to deliver communication information to each other, but also to create a service that allows people to feel each other’s presence even when they are far away, by integrating entertainment elements in a sophisticated way. We are taking on the challenge of developing both business and technology to deliver completely new experiences to our users that are unlike any other service.

(*) Infotainment : Remote services that combine information and entertainment to stimulate emotions and the five senses of users.

Infotainment(*)の分野は、Woven Cityを構成するサービスの中でも特に重要となっています。私たちのミッションは、遠く離れた場所に住んでいても、まるで物理的に会っているかのようにコミュニケーションができる、世界に通用するサービスを作ることです。 私たちは、単にコミュニケーションに関する情報を送り合うだけでなく、エンターテインメント要素も高度も融合させて、互いの存在感や空気感までが伝送できないかと考えています。このような他のサービスにはない、まったく新しいウーブン・シティならではの体験をユーザーに届けるために、ビジネスとテクノロジーの両面の開発に挑戦しています。

(*) Infotainment : Information と Entertainment とを組み合わせた、感情や五感を刺激する遠隔サービス分野。

We are looking for a project leader who will lead the project from the conceptualization of the new tele-communication service or tele-presence service in Woven City;  implementation plan, planning and execution of the service construction, implementation of the service in Woven City, operation and management of the service. The service covers a completely new area of communication and entertainment through real-life experiences.

 The candidate will develop business strategies and implementation plans with selected partners, and execute joint projects by building cross-functional relationships with other tech/business teams at Woven City. 

私たちは、Woven Cityにおける新しい「遠隔対話サービス」や「テレプレゼンスサービス」のコンセプトの立案から始まり、その実施計画、サービス構築の計画立案と遂行、Woven Cityにおけるサービス導入の実現、さらにサービスの運用・運営のすべてを一貫して率いていただけるプロジェクトリーダーを募集しています。リアルな体験を通じた、まったく新しいコミュニケーションやエンターテインメントの領域となります。そのビジネスの戦略と実施計画を策定し、Woven Cityの他の技術やビジネスチーム、そして関係パートナー企業と関係を構築しながら、共同でプロジェクトを遂行していただきます。




  • Lead business development by building key processes for discovering customer needs/seeds by incorporating lean development and design thinking methods.
  • Formulate hypotheses, design evaluation processes, execute them, make decisions and implement strategies based on the results.
  • Build strategies to secure competitive advantage in the Infotainment  business.
  • Build and continuously update product roadmap synchronizing with business /technical strategy.
  • Identifying, negotiating, and contracting with the most suitable partners, building relationships and planning for business promotion.
  • Evaluate the business from intellectual property and legal aspects to reflect them in the strategy.
  • リーンスタートアップ手法やデザイン思考を取り込み、それによる顧客ニーズ・シーズを発掘し、ビジネス開発を主導するビジネスリーダー。
  • 仮説立証、仮説の評価方法の設計と実施、その結果分析による戦略の立案・反映。
  • Infotainment ビジネスにおける市場競争優位性確立のための戦略立案。
  • 事業・技術戦略に基づいたプロダクトロードマップの策定および継続的な更新。
  • 事業を遂行する上で最適なパートナー候補の発掘、交渉、契約、およびプロモーション戦略の立案と実行。
  • 知財面、法務面からの事業の評価と、その結果の戦略への落とし込み。



  • Bachelor’s degree in business development or relevant field
  • 8+ years of commercial experience in business development
  • Experience in business planning and execution using the latest technology in the digital product/device domain
  • Skills to act autonomously and to identify and lead issues to resolution
  • Skills to link both technology development and business development, and to constantly plan and execute new projects from both perspectives
  • Business level proficiency in English and Japanese language
  • 大学卒業以上、ビジネスに関係する分野での学士号
  • 8年以上のビジネス開発と市場導入の経験
  • 最新技術を導入したデジタルプロダクト・デバイスのビジネス企画・遂行経験
  • 自律的なアクションと、主体的な課題発掘および解決力
  • ビジネス開発と技術開発をシンクロナイズさせ、その両面からのビジネス開発・計画立案する力
  • ビジネスを遂行できるレベルの英語力と日本語力



  • An independent, entrepreneurial mindset to drive growth for the company
  • Experience in launching new  business from zero-scratch.
  • Experience in achieving business goals while building relationships with diverse team members.
  • Experience in launching joint projects with external partner companies or startups.
  • 事業の成長を支える主体性と起業家精神を持ち合わせていること
  • リーン型でのビジネス立ち上げをゼロから行った経験があること
  • ダイバーシティなチーム環境の中で関係構築を行いながら事業ゴールの達成を行った経験
  • 外部パートナー企業との協業に基づく共同事業の立ち上げ経験


    If you are currently located outside of Japan, don’t worry, we’ll set an interview over Google Hangout Meet or Skype.
    ・Competitive Salary – Based on skills and experience
    ・Work Hours – Flexible working time with NO core-hours
    ・Paid Holiday – 20 days per year (prorated)
    ・Sick Leave – 6 days per year (prorated)
    ・Holiday – Sat & Sun, Japanese National Holidays, and other days defined by the company
    ・Japanese Social Security – all applicable (Health Insurance, Pension, Workers’ Comp, and Unemployment Insurance, Long-term care insurance)
    ・In-house Training Program (software study/language study)
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