Vehicle Hardware Mechanical Design Engineering Internship (Spring 2023)


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  • Disclaimer: This position is expected to start around January 2023 and continue through the entire Winter/Spring term (i.e. through April/May) or into early Summer 2023 if available. We ask for a minimum of 12 weeks, full-time, for most internships. Please consider before applying.

    International Students: If your work authorization is through CPT, please consult your school on your ability to work 40 hours per week before applying. Again, please do not apply until you know you can work 40 hours per week. Many students will be limited to part-time during the academic year.

    Internship Program at Tesla

    The Internship Recruiting Team is driven by the passion to recognize and develop emerging talent. Our year-round program places the best students in positions where they will grow technically, professionally, and personally through their experience working closely with their Manager, Mentor, and team. We are dedicated to providing an experience that allows the intern to experience life at Tesla by including them in projects that are critical to their team’s success. Instead of going on coffee runs and making copies, our interns have a seat at the table and make critical decisions that will influence not only their team, but the overall achievement of Tesla’s mission.

    The Role

    You will design, test, and prototype mechanical components and systems for current and future Tesla vehicle and product programs. Your scope of work will be mechanical, however interdisciplinary in nature and will challenge you to come up with creative solutions to affect rigorous quality and cost-down targets. Additionally, you will work collaboratively with cross-functional partners and external vendors and suppliers.

    Your application for the Vehicle Hardware Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Internship will be considered across all opportunities for the teams listed below:

    The Autopilot and Electronics Product Design team works on mechanical design and integration of all electronics modules. The areas an intern could work on can be among Controllers, Car Computer, Camera, Sensors, Radar, Display, Audio, Antenna and Accessories. The camera team within the Autopilot Product Design Team is responsible for mechanical, electrical and optical integration of our ADAS cameras. Their activities span anywhere from mechanical design and validation of new camera modules to in-depth image quality analysis for the optimal neural network detection.

    The Low Voltage Wire Harness team designs all the wiring connecting every device together both mechanically and electrically in the vehicle. The Mechanical Engineers on this team use 3D CAD (Catia) to design and package wiring in the vehicle and then transfer their designs to 2D drawing for manufacturing. These Engineers understand a Tesla vehicle from end to end, as they frequently work with other engineering teams in order to optimize the design of the vehicle.

    The Autopilot Hardware team develops, tests, and manufactures industry leading products. A significant division of that team is Electronic Packaging, is a cross-functional team that evaluates new electronic packaging products in development. This team develops and validates the assembly processes with the use of detailed CAD designs. They are responsible for running simulations to validate design, brainstorm ideas, and performing tests in the lab to characterize package mechanical architecture.


  • BS/MS/PhD in Mechanical engineering or related field
  • Focus areas: Solid mechanics, experimental mechanics, thermals & fluids
  • Strong fundamentals in mechanical engineering
  • Relevant FEA/FEM experience (ANSYS/ABAQUS/COMSOL etc)
  • Proficiency in CAD tools, such as Catia, NX, Solidworks Pro/e, etc.
  • Experience in drafting 2D drawings with GD&T
  • Ability to perform first-principles analysis to ensure a successful design (stress-strain, thermal, tolerance, cost and mass optimization, etc.)