Vehicle Engineering – Software Engineering Internship (Summer 2023)


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Disclaimer: This position is expected to start around May 2023 and continue through the entire Summer term (i.e., through August/September) or into early Fall 2023 if available. We ask for a minimum of 12 weeks, full-time, for most internships. Please consider before applying. International Students: If your work authorization is through CPT, please consult your school on your ability to work 40 hours per week before applying. Again, please do not apply until you know you can work 40 hours per week. This is required for external applicants. Many students will be limited to part-time during the academic year.

Internship Program at Tesla  

The Internship Recruiting Team is driven by the passion to recognize emerging talent. Our year around program places the best students in positions that they will grow both technically and personally through their experience working closely with their Manager, Mentor, and team. We provide an experience that allows for the intern to experience life at Tesla by given them projects that are critical to their team’s success. Instead of going on coffee runs and making copies, you’ll be seated at the table making critical decisions that will influence not only your team, but the overall achievement of Tesla’s mission. 


  • Palo Alto, CA  

  • Fremont, CA  

About Software Engineering in Vehicle Engineering  

As a software engineering intern in Vehicle Engineering, you will accelerate the pace of innovation, from design to production. Software engineers are responsible for improving the information flow between mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering, supporting & increasing the output of vehicle engineering.  



  • Currently working towards a BS, MS, or advanced degree in a relevant engineering program such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Software Engineering.  

  • Excellent grasp of fundamental computer science concepts and ability to write well-organized code.  

  • Preferred backend experience: Python, Go, Java, C/C++/C#, REST, gRPC.  

  • Preferred frontend development experience: JavaScript, CSS, Angular, React, Bootstrap.  

  • Familiarity with SQL and non-SQL database structures.  

  • Eagerness to collaborate cross-functionally with other engineering teams while able to work independently; detail-oriented and execution focused.  

  • Genuine curiosity and willingness to understand how our products are designed, built and how they operate.  

  • Proven interest in Tesla’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, through extracurricular activities, academic projects, passion projects, or equivalent experiences desired  



  • Knowledge of or experience with mechanical engineering or manufacturing skills.  

  • Knowledge of or experience with audio/sound engineering.  

  • Interest in the automotive industry & self-driving vehicles.  

  • Preferred virtualized infrastructure experience: Docker, Kubernetes.