Vehicle Dynamics Manager



  • The Vehicle Dynamics Manager will lead all aspects of the driving experience related to vehicle dynamics on all current and future vehicle products.
    Responsibilities involve management of both the Vehicle Dynamics engineering team and workshop.

    You’ll be responsible for Tesla’s Vehicle Dynamics Roadmap to ensure consistent methodologies for the target setting, objective measurement, subjective evaluation, and Hardware/Software tuning.


  • 10 or more years of experience in vehicle dynamics
  • Proven track record of delivering refined vehicle dynamics performance
  • Direct experience in developing at least 4 of the following areas/systems: EPAS tuning, Suspension KnC, tires development, brake pedal feel (booster, base sizing, brake by wire etc.), Traction Control / VDC, Passive and Adaptive damping, Aerodynamics, active systems calibration (all wheel drive, torque vectoring, rear wheel steer, active aero, active roll bars, active camber etc.)
  • A creative problem-solving mindset with technical expertise to aid teams in cultivating ideas and lead through development and execution
  • Exhibit high personal standards of commitment and integrity
  • Ability to prioritize and work multiple tasks to completion, collaborate and work in team environment with excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Vehicle instrumentation and data analysis experience
  • Vehicle Dynamics objective characterization experience
  • Experience with model-based control strategies is a plus
  • Experience with multibody modelling & simulation is a plus