Test Engineer, Cell Abuse Testing



Cells are the common denominator for every Tesla product. In the Abuse Testing & Engineering group, we push battery systems to their limits and beyond using specialized equipment to apply electrical, mechanical, and thermal stresses. Our goal is to provide rapid feedback to inform designs early in development, by understanding how robust systems perform under abusive conditions. We accommodate external regulations but have a strong focus on internal requirements and testing to failure. Every Tesla battery product comes through our lab, both vehicles and energy storage. Our environment is fast-paced and incredibly exciting. 

We are looking for an engineer to perform battery cell abuse testing across all programs, including vehicle and energy storage. In this role, you would be responsible for a variety of tests spanning electrical, thermal, and mechanical abuse. You would own the testing end-to-end: planning, execution, and results interpretation.


  • BS or MS in mechanical, electrical, chemical engineering or similar; prefer experience with heat transfer and electrical fundamentals. 
  • 2+ years’ experience in physically-applied engineering (lab, machine shop, hobby project…) 
  • Must be hands-on (assembly, fabrication/modification, instrumentation, wiring, electrical troubleshooting).
  • Enjoys working in cross-functional groups and leading/working alongside technicians 
  • Statistical background a plus
  • CAD experience a plus 
  • Programming experience in Matlab strongly preferred. Labview a plus. 
  • Experience with instrumentation / data acquisition, National Instruments preferred
  • Able to plan/schedule many concurrent activities in a fast paced, rapidly changing environment