Staff Vehicle Dynamics Professional Driver



Serve as part of the Vehicle Dynamics engineering team to support vehicle level evaluations for hardware and firmware development cross program and across all attributes.

In addition to working alongside the dynamics attribute team you will also be required to support our powertrain and chassis control teams to provide feedback and direction on tuning desired vehicle behaviors but also help define targets and methodologies for future products.


–        20 + years of experience in automotive development

–        Direct calibration experience in most of the following systems (Traction Control, VDC, ABS, Brake Steer, Rear Wheel Steer, All Wheel Drive, Torque Vectoring, Electronic limited slip differential, Active Front Steering, Active Aero)

–        Basic understanding of control systems

–        Subjective vehicle performance evaluation both below and above the adhesion limit

–        Subjective vehicle performance evaluation at very high speed

–        Subjective vehicle performance evaluation in all surface condition (snow, wet, dry, off-road)

–        Vehicle instrumentation and data analysis ( Motec)

–        Objective handling maneuvers execution