Staff Software, ARB



The Platform Engineering team at Tesla builds and runs the tools and technologies that make up Tesla’s internal cloud platform. Our mission is to enable developers to rapidly take ideas from napkin to web as quickly and securely as possible while providing tools that enable them to gain insight and stay compliant. Our success is measured by how we allow our developers to get their applications running faster and more efficiently by allowing them to focus on code and not infrastructure. And to allow our SRE’s and Ops engineers to work on core tasks, instead of having to serve as full time customer to developers.

The applicant should have experience developing applications that are not only versatile and expandable but can scale to a large set of users or data sets. The applicant will spend most of their time designing and managing the web application, but will also be expected to work on parts of the backend as needed. The key is to be versatile and be able to shift based on project demands.


· 6 years of experience in applications development, 10 preferable.

· Expertise in JavaScript and understanding its fundamentals is required.

· Experience with CSS 3 and HTML 5.

· Experience building in Applications in React.

· Experience with automated testing tools like Jest.

· Experience with creating Component Libraries to contribute to Tesla’s global component library.

· Experience in creating applications that call out to microservices.

· Experience using GraphQL to perform queries, mutations and subscriptions.

· Experience with Go for creating backend services is a plus, without Go similar language experience is required.

· Experience packaging and rolling out front end applications (i.e. with webpack) is a plus.

· Experience writing backend services in GoLang

· Experience with using databases, preferably with JSONB experience and time series databases in PostgresSQL

· Experience with microservice architecture and concepts to manage the interdependency and usages.

· Understanding and/or experience with gRPC is a plus.

· Understanding and/or experience with Kubernetes, Vault, database management is a plus.

· Underrstanding and/or experience with GraphQL Mesh is a plus.