Staff Product Design Engineer


  • Full Time


  • Battery Cells are the common denominator for every Tesla product. Our product requirements demand ground-up cell architectures with state-of-the-art performance, manufactured at volumes that are orders of magnitude higher than the products they power. Our environment is fast-paced and incredibly exciting, so being passionate and self-motivated to push your limits is critical. Our team works with engineering groups across various disciplines, requiring strong communication skills and a team-first mentality. You will work alongside seasoned industry experts, high aptitude recent graduates, and people from every stage in between. We look for anyone with an exceptional ability to solve problems in both individual and team settings.


  • 2-3 years of experience in engineering, design, equipment and/or process development
  • Experience in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
  • Strong engineering fundamentals in solid mechanics and heat transfer
  • Familiarity with properties and applications of common engineering metals and polymers
  • Strong communication skills and team mentality
  • Basic knowledge of GD&T (proficiency is a plus)
  • Experience in designing for one or more high volume manufacturing processes such as stamping, deep drawing, plastic injection molding, heat treating, and metal welding