Sr Software Engineer



The Platform Engineering team at Tesla builds and runs the tools and technologies that make up Tesla’s internal cloud platform.  Our mission is to enable developers to rapidly take ideas from napkin to web as quickly and securely as possible while providing tools that enable them to gain insight and stay compliant. Our success is measured by how we allow our developers to get their applications running faster and more efficiently by allowing them to focus on code and not infrastructure. Our application not only facilitates engineers to work more rapidly, but for SREs to debug faster. Our team integrates with a variety of other internal teams to integrate their products with ours.

The applicant should have experience developing applications that are not only easily adjustable and expandable but can scale vertically and horizontally as well.  The applicant will be designing and creating backend microservices that integrate with a GraphQL mesh to be absorbed by the CLI and Web. In addition, various parts of the backend will integrate with infrastructure orchestration services and other downstream microservices.

This job requires strong software development and product development skills, with experience coding to infrastructure preferred.


·  Experience working in a team environment doing sprints, writing, and following JIRA tickets, and contributing to support problems.

·   Experience in testing your application and discovering edge cases.

·   Experience writing helper documents via Markdown for customer use.

·   5+ years experience is preferred. 

· Experience with Go and a solid understanding of the language fundamentals.

·   Experience creating multi channeled Go applications.

·   Experience with Go interfaces and Generics

·   Experience in creating tooling that interfaces with container based infrastructure.

·   Experience with gRPC

·   Experience deploying to Kubernetes environment and how to customize your deployments.

·   Experience writing Dockerfiles

·   Experience with PostGres and specifically JSONB querying

·   Experience with Message Queues and multi regional architecture

·   Experience writing Helm charts is a plus

·   Experience creating meshed GraphQL objects us a plus.

·   Experience with caching technologies, Redis, etc is a plus

·   Experience with SRE and DevOps tools is a plus