• A great recruiter stands apart by excelling at talent identification, attraction, and assessment, and by developing deep partnerships with the business and within HR. Tesla is looking for an extraordinary recruiter that stands out by doing all of the above combined with strong business acumen, a passion for their craft, and a genuine commitment to providing an unforgettable candidate experience.

    You’ll thrive at Tesla by striking the right balance between flexibility and efficiency, along with project management and influencing. One hire at a time, we are finding the talent responsible for moving us forward to a more sustainable future.

    When you’re doing something nobody has ever done before, the old ways can frequently come up short. At Tesla, you’ll get the opportunity to be creative, to try, to fail, to learn, and to succeed. You will have an appetite for risk, for taking that big bet, because that’s how we leap ahead together.


  • BS/BA or the equivalent in experience and evidence of exceptional ability
    Minimum of 2 years recruiting experience
    Demonstrated track record of excellence in sourcing and assessing technical talent
    Proven relationship management experience with hiring teams and business partners, helping them navigate the sources of talent and assisting them with assessment
    A genuine interest in technology as shown by continuous learning throughout your career
    Skilled in offer negotiation, awareness of pertinent employment legislation and employment market trends
    The ability to lead projects to a successful conclusion – balancing efficiency with quality
    A combination of corporate and agency/executive search experience is preferred
    Excellent written and spoken communication skills.