Quality Technician C Shift (Fremont, CA)



The Quality Inspector evaluates finished metal bodies on and off of a moving production line in a high-speed environment. Inspectors determine the disposition of active production parts to ensure Tesla standards are being met. Inspectors must be prepared to escalate concerns to the appropriate party and always promote a culture of quality. The purpose of the Quality Inspector is to minimize the amount of defective parts that are sent to downstream departments and assist multiple teams in maintaining and improving overall part quality, yielding beneficial results and higher efficiency for Tesla.

****Techicians work in one of three areas GA4, BIW and Casting.****


  • 2+ years experience in an automotive production or manufacturing quality assurance environment.
  • Organized & proactive mindset.
  • Ability to lift and walk with objects up to 30 pounds in weight.
  • Work in a team-based environment and achieve common goals.
  • Experience in a fast-paced work environment requiring critical analysis is a plus.
  • Experience with measurement and inspection tools is a plus. (Calipers, Torque Wrenches, Metal Stones, Measuring Tape, etc.)
  • Experience with aluminum and/or steel defect remanufacturing is a plus.
  • Experience with training peers or co-workers is a plus.
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) is a plus.
  • Technology mindset.
  • Neat handwriting is a plus.
  • Must have command of the English language, both written and verbal.