Quality Technician A Shift (Fremont, CA)




The Quality Technician will inspect incoming raw materials, verify secondary process (Stamping/BIW/Paint), and helps to diagnose root cause. Technicians determine the disposition of active production parts to ensure Tesla standards are being met. Technicians must be prepared to escalate concerns to the appropriate party and always promote a culture of quality. The purpose of the Quality Technician is to minimize the number of defective parts that are sent to downstream departments and assist multiple teams in maintaining and improving overall part quality, yielding beneficial results and higher efficiency for Tesla. ****Techicians work in one of three areas GA4, BIW and Casting.****


* Ability to visually detect defects in a fast-paced environment.
* Ability to physically feel defects in sheet metal.
* Ability to identify and differentiate between several defect types.
* Ability to determine severity of a defect and the required response.
* Ability to perform detailed daily record keeping and reporting of quality issues that will be referenced by technicians, engineers, and management.
* Ability to determine potential countermeasure solutions against failed inspections.
* Ability to communicate new defect information to team leadership and counterparts.
* Ability to help establish first line of defense for immediate containment activities.
* Ability to build solid relationships with several teams in multiple departments.
* Ability to be personable and effective in verbal and written communication.
* Ability to apply critical thinking skillset to engage and troubleshoot new quality issues.
* Ability to leverage general automotive surfacing knowledge
* Ability to use a measuring tape, metal stones, basic computer knowledge – Outlook, words, excel.

* High-level of visual awareness.
* Ability to work alone with minimal supervision.
* Ability to analyze and interpret technical information.
* Ability to stand for long periods.