Quality Engineering Technician GA3 (Interiors/Chassis/Electrical)



  • -Quality Engineering Technician for interior will support quality engineer to improve interior quality for customer.

    -Technician will mainly follow day to day quality dashboard for top issue investigation and assembly station audit to identify potential root-cause of on-going quality concerns.

    -Technician will also support on data collection & documentation of data for quality investigation as well as containment action of urgent quality issue such as part sort and rework process.

    -Technician will work closely with engineer to derive temporary & permanent countermeasure of final yield quality and customer field issue.


  • Basic documentation skill (MS word, excel, powerpoint)

    Precise data collection and analysis skill with basic data measurement tool capability & chart/table drafting skills.

    2+ years of manufacturing background

    3D & 2D drawing reading and basic understanding of drawing notation.

    Able to set priority in fast-pace working environment with quick response to urgent issue