Production Supervisor, Cell Manufacturing (Assembly), GFTX


  • Full Time


  • As a Production Supervisor you will have the critical task of managing the priorities, equipment, and people associated with the production line. Your experience in fast-paced production lines where process and equipment development is a key feature will make you an ideal candidate for this role. You have a passion for employee development and enjoy the process of training and developing both new hires and veteran production staff. You are very hands-on and prefer to be on the production floor and have proven skills in both process and equipment troubleshooting, allowing you to easily adapt to constantly changing production environments.


  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience working in a manufacturing environment.
  • 3+ years managing or supervising teams of people in a high-volume production environment.
  • Experience leading and support teams in high-speed, high-volume continuous motion production lines is preferred.
  • Evidence of exceptional abilities.
  • Experience supporting process development
  • Experience supporting equipment maintenance
  • Knowledge of 5S, lean manufacturing or 6-Sigma principles
  • Communicate clearly using excellent written and verbal skills
  • Proficient with MS office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Project)