Perceived Quality Engineer



Craftsmanship is the perception of quality that a customer has about a product, derived through sight, touch, sound, and scent. The Tesla Craftsmanship team is responsible for ensuring that our products are utterly compelling in the store and provide a faultless experience during use.


We are seeking a passionate candidate to join the Craftsmanship team in our Fremont, California office.


The Team


The Craftsmanship team redefines the industry standard for detail design execution. We are a small group of product designers and mechanical engineers with a passion for innovation, attention-to-detail, and user-centric design. We collaborate across all aspects of design, engineering, and manufacturing to deliver an exceptional product design and customer experience. We take pride in aligning with Tesla’s commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive culture. While developing products that will change the world is very challenging, having thoughtful and creative teammates ensures our work is always enjoyable.

The Role


We work with the Product Management teams to quantify the required product content, the Design Studio to identify and resolve any Craftsmanship issues relating to the concept, the Engineering and Dimensional teams to develop achievable, world-class design execution targets, and the Manufacturing and Quality teams to identify and prioritize issues during pre-production and launch.


  • Strong mechanical engineering fundamentals and a robust first-principals approach.
  • Highly collaborative, detail-oriented personality and excellent communication skills.
  • An inherent attention to detail and an understanding of the factors that create a perception of exceptional quality in the mind of the consumer.
  • A passion for great, user-centric product design.
  • An appreciation for the impact and contribution to dimensional variation in assemblies.
  • Prior experience in similar role is valued, but the team has openings from entry-level to expert.
  • Demonstration of knowledge in a variety of production and prototype manufacturing methods.