Paint Repair Technician, On Job Training – Model S/X



  • The Tesla Paint Department is currently accepting applications for its Paint Sprayer On-the-Job Training Program. Employees accepted into the program, will learn the trade of paint spraying over a 12-week training period. Those who successfully complete the training will be considered for future full-time Paint Sprayer openings.

    A Sprayer Trainee maintains the Production Associate classification, level and pay rate that was in place when they were accepted into the program. During the 12 week training period, the Trainee will be responsible for learning and applying Sprayer skills. After a maximum of 12 weeks, the Trainee will be required to demonstrate these skills through a standardized assessment. Trainees that fail to complete this assessment will be removed from the program and will return to their full time role within production. Trainees may also be removed from the program if he/she fail to demonstrate ability to meet the requirements for the role.


  • * Areas of instruction will include:

    * Recognizing defects, CVIS standards, understand materials and their functions, 5s your station/cart
    * Sand for polishing
    * Prep – sanding and masking, primer application
    * Base and clear coat application on small jobs (i.e. interiors)

    * Expectations of progress:

    * By week 4, complete 1 – 3 repairs a day w/o supervision
    * By week 6, complete 4 – 8 small repairs and 2 – 4 medium repairs per day w/o supervision

    * Assessment

    * Complete 10 repairs with at least 2 of them being hard repairs, per day for four days
    * Hard repairs include
    * Employee can be assessed for the role by week 6, but no later than week 12
    * Trainees that successfully complete this assessment will be promoted to a full time Sprayer, based on current openings. At that point, the Sprayer will have the same eligibility for promotions as the rest of the Spraying team