Mechanical Systems Engineer, Drive Systems


The Drive System Engineering team is looking for a world class Mechanical System Engineer to develop for all drive system models including but not limited to: thermal, lubrication and hydraulic systems.  


As designs mature and prototypes are tested, it is paramount for us to track both our model accuracy and design capability through empirical testing. This role will be closely integrated with the testing, data parsing and modeling of the drive unit system and sub-components.  


Our world-class engineering teams operate with a non-conventional automotive product development philosophy of high inter-disciplinary collaboration, flat organizational structure, and technical contribution at all levels.  You will be expected to challenge and to be challenged, to create, to innovate.   


You must want to work in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company. We are building real products. This must excite you. You’ll work alongside accomplished, world-renowned engineers on perhaps the most exciting automotive programs in existence today.  


Mechanical System Engineer within the Drive Systems Engineering teamwork side by side with engineers to support the development of our world class drive units. Projects can be open-ended, and the individual must strive in a challenging environment.  



  • Collaborate with existing team members to build and optimize hydraulic, thermal and lubrication system model 

  • Develop lubrication and cooling components (electric oil pump, heat exchanger, oil filter) models and requirements  

  • Develop control logic to optimize performance and efficiency of the drive unit system 

  • Work with world class expert, firmware, design and test engineers to develop and bring new technology to mass production 

  • Develop internal tools to automate data parsing and reports 

  • Design, coordinate, and execute (if needed) of drive unit level as well as component/subcomponent level tests for the explicit purpose of model and requirements validation 

  • Work with engineering teams to compile, analyze and document test profiles and results to ensure complete validation of all requirements as programs mature 


  • Experience with instrumentation, measurement, calibration, and laboratory testing. 

  • Deep learning of thermodynamic physics 

  • Physic based mentality 

  • Working knowledge of heat transfer and thermal management a plus 

  • Experience with MATLAB, SIMULINK, Python, or other data analysis software a plus 

  • Experience with LabVIEW and data acquisition systems a plus 

  • Automotive component/system testing experience a plus 

  • Working knowledge of motors and gearboxes a plus