Mechanical Design Engineer – Seating



As an Engineer in the Seating Engineering Department, you will be responsible for Design Engineering from concept to End of Life, as well as problem solving of existing products.

Today’s seating commodities include structures, mechanisms, actuators, cushions, wire harnesses, controllers, sensors, software, trims and so on. However, future seating solutions are not limited to these. Progression is targeted. A seat can be defined as a product which enables comfortable support for vehicular occupants. In some sense, a seat can be viewed as a moving robotic structural art piece.

Team members typically play dual roles as experts and polymaths. Each team member typically uses their particular expertise as a super power to complement the team. You shall be part of the Seating Engineering Team which resides within Tesla’s Vehicle Engineering Group,


Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering or similar.

· Evidence of exceptional ability.

· Design engineering experience with demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary engineering.

· Hands on experience where you have built something.

· Hand-sketching [one of the many engineering languages].

· Automotive engineering with seating experience is preferred but not mandatory.