Inspection Coordinator


  • Full Time


  • Coordinator will host inspections for Tesla energy products. As an integral
    member of Tesla’s Field Operations Energy team, the Inspection Coordinator
    keeps jobs moving efficiently towards permission to operate while meeting
    monthly objectives. The Inspection Coordinator will be responsible for all
    field and administrative tasks associated with passing inspections. The goal is
    to drive the Inspection’s working queues to zero as quickly, safely and
    efficiently as possible.


  • Familiarity with PV plan sets

    1-2 years relative work
    experience in general construction

    Able to organize time and tasks
    in a fast paced environment

    Must be self-motivated and thrive
    in a team environment

    Punctual with appointments and

    Able to grasp technical concepts
    and communicate them in an effective manner

    Must be patient but persistent

    Able to set up and secure 20 foot

    Ability to work in extreme
    environments (example: hot sun, cold, crawl spaces, etc.)

    Must be willing and able to climb
    ladders, stairs, work on rooftops and able to work on your feet for long
    periods of time

    Familiar with OSHA safety rules

    Excellent written and verbal
    communication skills required

    Excellent customer service skills

    Must be able to successfully pass
    pre-employment screening requirements

    Must have a valid state driver’s