Full Stack Engineer – ML Infrastructure, Autopilot AI (Python, React)



As a Software Engineer within the Autopilot AI group, you
will work reinforcing, optimizing, and scaling our neural network training
& auto-labeling infrastructure both for Autopilot and the Humanoid robot.

At the core of our autonomy capabilities are multiple
neural networks that the Deep Learning team is designing to train on very large
amounts of data, across large-scale GPU clusters and soon our supercomputer
Dojo. Robustly training networks at scale, should it be for production models
or quick experiments, and completing them in the shortest amount of time
possible, is critical to our mission. 

We are building out the machine learning platform that our team
uses to schedule, track, and monitor their jobs, datasets and artifacts


  • Strong understanding of JavaScript (ES6+), Python, and
  • Experience building modern web applications using
    React/Redux or similar component based libraries.
  • UI and graphic design sensibilities.
  • Interest in machine learning, computer vision or neural


  • Experience working with large computer clusters.
  • Knowledge of machine learning, computer vision, or neural
    networks is a plus.