Energy Analyst



  • In the Energy Analyst role, you will resolve issues and ensure that Tesla is meeting its contractual obligations with respect to production, payments, and refunds that affect our growing fleet, including solar energy and storage products. This role is an integral connection point between our customers and our products, ensuring optimal operations.
    Tesla has an incredible amount of real-world data on solar and storage energy coming in to our databases every day. The Energy Analyst’s primary role is to review this data and act on it. They will review reports and alerts to find problems in the field, investigate discrepancies in monitoring data, initiate repair actions when needed, and process performance guarantees to our customers. An ideal candidate has a solid grasp of reporting and data processing concepts and is naturally motivated to seek out and fix problems in a methodical way.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, or related
  • Demonstrable data analysis and interpretation skills and/or mathematical prowess
  • Experience working with and analyzing large data sets
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet software – expect test during interview
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills required (e.g. procedures/instructions)
  • Grasps basic concepts of electricity (AC/DC, current, voltage, resistance, power vs. energy, etc.) and has general familiarity with solar production estimation
  • Preferred: Can write SQL queries (e.g. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc.)
  • Preferred: Knowledge of energy generation systems and/or solar energy modeling