DSP Software Engineer – Sensor Development



  • The Tesla Sensing Team is looking for a sensing software engineer with expertise in sensing algorithms, developing signal processing techniques and machine learning algorithms for new sensors, contributing to production level software on Tesla platforms to enable various features. The person in this role will need to be familiar with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and robotics algorithms, proficient with programming with good software engineering fundamentals, and work with hardware engineers and firmware engineers to develop efficient, and tightly integrated features. The candidate is also expected to be able to learn and adapt quickly to the fast-paced environment, get hands dirty in the lab or in the car for data collection and analysis, algorithm validation when needed to, and use it to root cause issues, and propose solutions.


  • Experience in Computer Science / Engineering, or other majors with strong relevant experiences such as machine learning, robotics, signal procesing.
  • Strong python programming skills, familiarity with common python packages
  • Familiarity with machine learning algorithms, familiarity with robotics algorithms such as Kalman Filter, Particle Filter, SLAM. Strong training of math (probability, statistics, linear algebra).
  • Demonstration of good understanding of software fundamentals including software design, algorithm development, data structures, code modularity, and maintainability.
  • Strong fundamentals, critical thinking, results-driven, product-oriented mindset, self-driven, good communication skills and great learning capabilities.
    Nice-to-have skills:
  • Proficient with C++ programming and have experiences of large C++ projects
  • Experiences with sensing algorithms, hands on experiences with sensor hardware, such as radar, camera, ultrasonic, and lidar, and good understanding of sensor physics.
  • Experiences with training and deployment of deep neural networks on real world problems
  • Experiences with parallel processing and embedded systems
  • Hands-on hardware bring-up, system debugging and code optimization, strong build, debug and test skills