Dojo Validation Engineer



We are looking for talented engineers to join our Dojo Supercomputer (SC) validation team. The products you will get to work on will require experience in at least of the following field:

  • Low and high voltage electrical  systems
  • Mechanical and thermal design and validation
  • Silicon level validation
  • Memory and data transfer technology  

Your job is to collaborate with teams across Tesla Dojo to ensure that Dojo products meet our high performance and reliability standards. As a validation engineer, you will be among the first users of newly developed Dojo products, and you will serve as the key knowledge holder of Dojo validation. You will identify product failures and drive corrective action, all to ensure the long-term success of the Dojo product.

Given the project complexity, we are looking for distinct Mechanical/Software/Computer/Electrical engineers, and also welcome candidates with mixed expertise.


  • Bachelors or Graduate degree in Computer/Electrical/Mechanical/Mechatronics  Engineering
  • Proven technical experience through past internships, industry experience, academics/passion projects 
  • Design experience with CAD software like Altium, Catia, Eagle, Solidworks etc.
  • Excellent grasp of engineering fundamentals, and experience with standard lab equipment (power supplies, electronic loads, o-scopes, DMMs etc.)
  • Experience with Linux systems  and scripting experience with Python, bash etc. For test automation and data processing [For EE/SW roles]
  • Genuine curiosity to figure out why something does not work and demonstrated experience in debugging and troubleshooting technical problems
  • Eagerness   to be hands-on, understand how to interact with a system and automate repeatable tasks. Dive for efficiency and hate seeing someone spend time on something that a script, fixture or a robotic system could do better.


  • Understanding of first-principle logic formulation and are familiar with analysis of complex logic structures
  • Knowledge of different sensors like current, voltage, pressure, temperature, flowrate etc.  and how to use them [For EE/Mech/Thermal roles]
  • Multi or Mono physics simulation experience using ANSYS, or COMSOL
  • Embedded Hardware/Firmware experience [For EE/SW roles]
  • Experience leading and driving technical projects to conclusion, especially when input and buyoff from multiple teams is required
  • Comfort with balancing priorities and timelines, especially with constrained resources