Data Scientist



The Residential Energy Installation Process Engineering team is responsible for
architecting and deploying processes, data pipelines, predictive/causal inference
models, and data applications that optimize installation of Solar Roof, Retrofit PV, and
Powerwall products. This is one of the most cross-functional and high visibility teams in
Tesla Energy, owning technical and non-technical deliverables for design engineering,
material planning and fulfillment, scheduling software, and field operations teams.
Elon has said Tesla is a “whole chain of startups.” We are one of these, and you will be
expected to take on a diverse range of responsibilities accordingly. You will be asked to
independently drive end-to-end ownership of technical and non-technical deliverables;
generally, 1-2 month projects deploying production applications with significant business
impact. These require a broad range of skills including data engineering, data science,
machine learning engineering, process/systems engineering, and software engineering.


  • Programming Languages: Python, SQL, R 
  • Tools: Git, Python IDE (VSCode, PyCharm), Atlassian (Jira, Confluence), Excel 
  • Strong experience with machine learning operations and pipeline deployment,
    including requirement gathering and constructing clean, feature engineered
  • Experience gathering and processing raw, structured, semi-structured, and
    unstructured data using batch and real-time data processing frameworks 
  • Strong experience working with relational databases (Vertica, MSSQL, MySQL,
  • Significant exposure to data science and data engineering best practices (code
  • Proactively identify improvement opportunities (potential gaps between process and
    system) across all business functions, developing tools that allow for visibility into
    process bottlenecks and inconsistencies 
  • Technical project management experience driving independent and collaborative
    initiatives from problem definition to sustained deployment 
  • Experience learning/documenting systems architecture to deploy standard
    processes and communicate cross-functional needs
  •  Preferred
    Data/Systems Engineer Job Description 3
    B.S./M.S. in Computer Science, Data Engineering, Data Science, Software
    Engineering, Mathematics, Physics