Cell Test Engineer



Battery Cells are the common denominator for every Tesla product. Our product requirements necessitate ground-up cell architectures with state-of-the-art performance, manufactured at volumes that are orders of magnitude higher than the products they power. We are looking for passionate and self-motivated candidates to join us in our fast-paced and exciting mission. Our team works with engineering groups across various disciplines, requiring strong communication skills and a team-first mentality. You will work alongside seasoned industry experts, high aptitude recent graduates, and people from every stage in between. We look for anyone with an exceptional ability to solve problems in both individual and team settings.

In this role, you will manage the development and implementation of cell characterization tests needed to enable robust control strategies for cells of different chemistries. You will collaborate closely with the firmware and controls teams to set the limits for cell usage. You will identify and develop new cell testing schedules and techniques required to validate performance and lifetime across different cell chemistries and use cases.


  • Knowledge of how lithium batteries work
  • Familiar with implementing battery control algorithms
  • Experience with battery testing
  • Prior programming experience in a high-level programming language such as Python or MATLAB