Carpenter Finisher



As a concrete finisher and installer, you will be expected to contribute on job sites in Northern California and Southern California, The Southwest US, and Pacific Northwest US.  This is a travel based position for which nearly all work will occur on the road. 

Job durations will range from 1-3 weeks and will be undertaken by a
cross functional team of 4-6 members handling all trades required to get the work done, together.  The crew will remain consistent throughout the job and also from job to job allowing for team cohesion and improvement as a group. 

This team will be expected to push the limits of construction technology
and techniques, and as such will have direct feedback contact with design
engineers, project managers, and business developers related to the
program.  A well-qualified applicant will
have experience in many aspects of civil and underground utility installation.

The role will be asked to work alongside and participate in various trades as
well as train new employees and educate other members of the organization about
the complexities of construction implementation.

In-between concrete
projects the candidate will be trained to support Powerpack and Solar panel


  • Ability to produce parts lists and work plans
    based off drawings or field walks
  • Ability to produce as-built drawing for work
  • Ability to complete job scopes outside of
    normal core competencies as required