CAE Engineer, Lubrication – Drive Systems



  • The Drive System Engineering team is looking for an experienced CAE engineer to take charge of gearbox lubrication CAE work to assist lubrication design and lubricant development. The work is aimed to predict lubrication performance and to assist designing lubrication strategy to improve oil life and gearbox durability. This role will be primarily focusing on but not limited to lubrication simulation/modeling/testing of gears, bearings, differential and oil systems etc.

    Lubrication strategy is critical to assure gearbox working as intended. During product development, CAE is playing an important role to facilitate/guide initial lubrication design. CAE is heavily used to predict the lubrication performance, to evaluate the gearbox thermal profile, and to generate all the required inputs for estimating wear rate and gearbox durability. Also, understating detailed lubrication inside a drive unit is essential to achieve desired system efficiency. As design matures, CAE simulation/prediction and prototype testing will be used together interactively to evaluate design changes and to further improve the system level lubrication. In the end, gearbox performance can meet design specification enabled by proper lubrication and a fine balance of best gearbox efficiency and desired durability is achieved.

    Our world-class engineering team operates with a non-conventional automotive product development philosophy of high inter-disciplinary collaboration, flat organizational structure, technical contribution at all levels, and self-motivated innovation.  You will be expected to challenge and to be challenged, to create, to innovate.  You will work alongside with accomplished, world-renowned engineers on perhaps the most exciting automotive programs in existen


  • Experienced with finite volume method CFD simulation, smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) simulation or other lubrication simulation approach for gearbox application

    Experienced with multiphase CFD model creation, simulation strategy selection, post-processing and data analysis

    Experienced with one or more of Ansys, Altair or GT-Suite or PreonLab etc. any lubrication-related simulation software

    Experience with creating and executing design validation plan for validating the lubrication simulation models

    Working knowledge of gearbox lubrication strategy selection

    Working knowledge of gearbox/motor design and thermal management

    Experience with MATLAB, Python, or other data analysis software is a plus

    Automotive industry experience is a plus